The Rebuild Series
What Up Guys, It's Ya Boy, ET!
I’m going to be real with you guys.  I’m hurt.
I see too many of my people struggling during this Pandemic. 
Too many people waiting for things to go back to “Normal”.
Too many people creating BAD habits instead of habits that will serve you for the rest of your life.
Things will NEVER go back to the way they were. 
The world is creating a NEW NORMAL and YOU have to create a NEW NORMAL for your LIFE and FUTURE.
  • Everyone wasn’t struggling going into COVID-19
  • Everyone isn’t struggling DURING COVID-19
  • ​Growth IS possible during COVID-19
  • ​You can come out BETTER post COVID-19 than you were PRE COVID-19
I want to help you through this process and it’s why I’ve created the 
A Series designed to help you create 
a life that’s Recession Proof and 
we’re not just talking about MONEY.
The Rebuild Series Covers 5 Pillars of Life:
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July 26, 2020
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August 23, 2020
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Sept. 27, 2020
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Listen, if you think sacrificing time with your family is what it takes 
to give your family a better life, you're getting beat.  
Everything we do, we do for the benefit of our families. 

 The long hours, the 9-5, the grind, it's all done with the success and happiness of our families as the goal. But, somewhere down the line, we got caught in a shift that made the acquisition of things more important than putting in the time to create a healthy, happy family. 

Looking around my neighborhood and the country, I see families that are broken, financially, and emotionally.  Families are taking a hit when they're supposed to be the thing that's holding it all together.  I'm not talking about what I heard.  I'm talking about what I know.  My first couple of years of marriage were really hard. 

Scraping pennies together to get a large fry for my wife and me for dinner, doing more talking about my future than planning it and making it happen.  Two kids and a wife to support and not getting anywhere fast.  Listen, I know what it's like to check the bank account and not see enough to cover the bills AND the meals. 

I know what it's like to do my best and still be unappreciated.  
I didn't get to 30 years of marriage without going through some of 
the very same things you're dealing with right now. 
Beefed out with your spouse, been there.  Kids' out of control, online 24/7 doing the exact opposite of what you tell them, done that. Real talk, the struggle to create and maintain happy, healthy families is the same no matter what your family looks like. Two parents, single parent, blended family, we're all looking to create a better life for our own and, it's not the easiest thing in the world to do. Especially now with COVID, lots of people out of work, kids up under you all day without a break. It's hard out here.
I'm here to tell you that you don't have to live like this. You can have your family cake and eat it too. Rebuild: Family is about taking your family from bankruptcy to blessing. There's a reason why my squad succeeds like it does. Not only do they have the tools and the skills, but they never lost sight of what was most important, the reason we did it all in the first place — our families. 

I want the same for you and, believe me, when I tell you, you can have a happy, healthy, thriving family and a successful life and career at the same time. Balance is your friend, and we're here to walk with you on this road to health and wholeness.


Eric Thomas

The #1 Motivational Speaker in The World

Tiphani Montgomery

CEO, Millions Conference Founder, Speaker and Business Coach

CJ Quinney

President of Eric Thomas & Associates and Speaker

Jemal King

The 9-5 Millionaire, Real Estate Mogul and Speaker

Willie Moore, Jr.

Radio Host of Willie Mo Jr. Live, Producer, Comedian and Speaker. 

Shon Hart

Eric Thomas Certified Speaker, Trainer, Author and Coach

Quest Green

Professional Marriage and Life Coach
I see you, working hard, grinding it out, making life do what it do! 
I feel you on doing what it takes to give your family all the things you've ever wanted. 
But, at what point is too much, too much?  See, you can spend all your life building the perfect family life but never experience it. I know this because I've seen it happen.  

Grinding at work, grinding at school, taking as much overtime as you can so you can afford all the things you never had. I feel you. But, and this is the important part, no matter how much you earn, however many hours you work, how great a life you make for the fam, the thing you can't buy and can never replace is your time with them, feel me? Now, there is a sweet spot where family and career can come together and live in harmony and, that sweet spot is called-balance. I'm telling my age, but how many of you have ever heard the proverb "all work and no play makes Jack or Jill a very dull person." I paraphrased it, but you get the idea. 

To truly live your best life, you need to balance career/school and home life, keeping in mind that if the home life suffers, none of that other stuff matters. Are you ready to find the balance you need to live your best life at home and on the job? Are you ready to find your sweet spot and make your family's happiness a priority while not missing a lick at work? If so, we're ready! Let's take this journey to wellness together.  

If you're ready to REBUILD and make the REST OF YOUR LIFE the BEST OF YOUR LIFE.

Chris Carroll

"So very thankful the conference was able to take place and not be cancelled entirely. We’ve highly anticipated this for 6 months. 
Many many action items from these sessions, along with some deep spiritual elements that I had been unaware, so highly anxious to deeply these personally, and amongst our team!" 

Schmeika Hall

"I enjoyed the interaction the speakers and the team continuously had with the attendees throughout the sessions. All the speakers had high energy as expected.  I was a little skeptical of if it would be as impactful for me and it DEFINITELY was. The Whova app was fire too! Great job on all aspects!"

Victor Thomas

"I felt that I received more information doing this online event then I've received in a big part of my life"
Series Phase 3: Family
September 27, 2020
If there's anything that COVID has taught us, it's the fragility of life and how important it is to stay focused on the things that really matter.

All of us know a family that's going through it. Money problems, baby momma/daddy drama, divorces, separations, single parenting nightmares, co-parenting trouble, demanding kids, teens, maybe it's your family?
All I know is It was definitely mine for a minute.

Let's tackle our family challenges together.

We can make it if we try. Rebuild: Family, taking your family's problems seriously, dealing with them openly, and creating practical, common-sense solutions all month long.

If you're interested in solutions and takeaways that will make managing your family life better, immediately, Rebuild: Family is for you. 
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  • All Sessions
    • Sept. 9th | Shon Hart w/ET
    "Families Reloaded"
    • Sept. 14th | Marriage Monday's w/Quest
    • Sept. 16th | Fatai w/ET
    "Winning Through Any Challenge"
    • Sept. 18th | Movie Watch Night
    • Sept. 21st | Marriage Monday's w/Quest
    • Sept. 23rd | Divorce & Co-Parenting (Quest, Shelly & ET)
    • Sept. 25th | Family Game Night

    • Sept. 27th | MAIN EVENT

    • Sept. 28th | VIP SESSION: Flight Assessment & Family w/Quest, Mostafa, Nicky Saunders and ET

    • Sept. 30th | Raising ETA | ET & Mama T, CJ & Papa Quinney w/Quest Hosting

  • Sunday September 27th • MAIN EVENT
• Eric Thomas
• Jemal King
• Tiphani Montgomery
• CJ Quinney
• Willie Mo, Jr.
• Quest Green
• Fatai Finau-Langi
• Candice Quinney
• Dede Thomas
• Camille King
• Papa Quinney

HOST: CJ Quinney & Quest
10:00am -10:30am | Intro: CJ Quinney
10:30am - 12:00pm | Eric Thomas 
12:00pm - 1:00pm | Tiphani Montgomery "Raising World Changers!" - How to Raise Children in a 2020 World
1:00pm - 1:30pm LUNCH
1:30pm - 3:00pm | Marriage Panel (Quest Hosting) Jemal & Camille, CJ & Candice, ET & Dede
3:00pm - 4:00pm | Willie Mo, Jr.
4:00pm - 5:00pm | Q&A Panel



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